Walk-about Lucedale - Day 12

Another relaxing day in the warm and humid deep South, and I'm slowin' right on down. We didn't do much today, actually; Lisa and I went to work out at the local Curves, then we all went to the drugstore for a little lunch, followed by a walk-about Lucedale with our cameras at the ready. (I'd upload more, but I am really struggling with the computer I'm working on...ugh.)

Tomorrow we are planning on a side trip down to the coast and will see part of the oil tragedy for ourselves. We heard today that 'tar balls' are washing up on the shore, ruining the beach, the wildlife and the tourism. *sigh* Well, this little guy isn't anywhere near any tar balls, but he is the first one we have seen.


Jedi-J said…
Be sure to take pics of the coast. I'm interested to see what it looks like. Also sniff the air and tell us if it smells foul. Thanks!