Sequoia Nat'l Park...Day 23

Sequoia National Park is breathtaking, to be sure. The sequoia trees are majestic and impressive. We enjoyed learning more about them in the Giant Forest Museum. Mostly, though, we just drove and ooooh'd and aaaahhhh'd our way through the park. As far as King's Canyon, we quickly determined that it is a wilderness area...a truly beautiful one, but one that you must really access and experience on foot. Since we were not equipped or mentally prepared to go back-country hiking (man, that's an understatement), we left that for more adventuresome tourists and we went to eat instead. Haha!

Distance traveled: about 300 miles, more or less
Letterboxes snagged: 1 found, 2 attempted
CHP Sobriety checkpoint test: 1
Snowballs thrown: at least 3
Money saved by switching hotels: about $25 per night
Highest temp: 94 degrees (in the valley)
Lowest temp: 53 degrees (at 7,000 feet)

Soundbite of the day:
"Between the smell of cattle and the sulfur, it's no wonder not many people live in Kettleman City!" ~Lisa

Worth remembering:
The spectacular wild dogwoods in bloom.

Not worth remembering:
Yucky sulfur-tasting water in Kettleman City...oh, and the power outage at our hotel in Oakhurst. (At least it was short-lived!)


Jedi-J said…
I can honestly say I have never touched a tree that large in my entire life! WOW!!!
Netanya said…
Sobriety test?!? Were you pulled over?