Remembering the Alamo on Day 18

Yes, we learned all about the history of the Alamo today; about horrible Santa Anna and how the Americans got slaughtered back in 1836. I also learned that a free historical sight draws a bazillion people and how disappointed I am when I cannot take photos inside the actual site. (They didn't want people taking pics of the artwork, I was told...whatever.) The kids were not too impressed, either, but it was hard to even think about the history and significance of the place while being jostled by a huge crowd of tourists.

After we cooked ourselves at the Alamo, we decided to check out the River Walk. We had a fabulous time in this...well, how do I describe it? The San Antonio River flanked on both sides by sidewalks, restaurants, historic and modern hotels, landmarks, tourist attractions and pubs is just an enchanting afternoon stroll. Yeah, it was pretty hot, but there was a breeze that was delicious and our stop for tacos was pretty yummy, too. We indulged in the touristy boat ride and we all thought that was well worth the $8.50/person.

Distance traveled: 271-ish miles
Cost to get into Ripley's Believe It or Not & Wax Museum: $18.50/person*
Amount of tourists in the Alamo: easily hundreds
Amount of tour buses at Buc-ee's: at least 3 - that place was packed!
Price per pound for jerky at Buc-ee's: $30/pound
Number of times driver threatened to eject a passenger: 2
Missed turns requiring re-route: at least 3
High speed traveled on interstate: 80+ mph

More of the Lone Star state to come...

*no, we didn't go in.

As a side bonus, we got to meet with one of sweetest letterboxers in Texas - Lucy Locket. She was nice enough to come and exchange with us in our hotel; we had such a nice visit. *smile* Here's a couple of pics:


Laura said…
I hope you liked your stop at Buc-ees. It's kind of a Texas are kolaches, which I hope you tried too.
Mama Cache said…
Three cool ladies!
Much love to all of you!
Jedi-J said…
So the Alamo is just one building now with the outline of the entire fort on the streets and through buildings? Why would they build over the original site? This makes no sense to me.
Stacy Christian said…
I am loving your running stats and cool pics! Thanks for taking the time to share with us.
If you spread all of your extra calories among your vicarious travelers, do they still count?