A walk in the yard

The thermometer says it's 83 degrees outside and it is gorgeous sunny, to be sure. It sounds like summer, too. Just for fun, I took a little stroll around the yard with my camera.

No, the beautiful purple iris is not in my yard, but the neighbors - I'm sure they don't mind me enjoying them just the same. It reminds me of when my mom and grandma used to be wild about iris. My mom had a border of these lovely stems bordering our yard...she had every imaginable color. Unfortunately, they don't last long.

The barn swallows are happily in their nest now, right above our front door, but I'm not sure if they have actually laid the eggs yet. You can hear them talking to each other early in the morning when both parents are in the nest. Very cool!

And, of course, the first of the roses is about to bloom...well, they do take a bit to actually bloom, but they are interesting to watch as the petals peel back more every day that it is sunny.

Tay is a pro at the lawn mower now. He is a fast learner, as this is his first summer of being on grass-cutting duty. Both the boys enjoy mowing the lawn, but I think it's because they get to drive a motorized vehicle!

I do like to walk in the yard...we call it 'Park Henderson'. When the grass is all mowed nicely, it does look like a park!


Ari C'rona said…
What a lovely walk around 'Park Henderson', my dear! Hope your day has been relaxing. :o)
Mole said…
Just hearing that you were warm made me smile. "Park Henderson" is a pretty sight.